Pensioner Potter

For the young at heart

Summer Venues: Prompt.

28th, May:

Springfield cp,  Prestbury:

Alex to lead.

4th,  June:

Cockhall Lane, Langley:

Up to Sutton Common, and the Tower.

Alex to lead.

11th,  June:

Standing Stone cp, Mac Forest:

Jimbo to lead.

18th,  June:

Bollington Leisure Centre:

Woody to lead.

25th,  June:

Spuley lane/ Hedgerow, Bollington:

Pete to lead.

2nd,  July:

Smithy Lane, Rainow:

Dot to lead.

9th, July:

Finlow Hill, Over Alderley.

Alex to lead.

16th, July:

Bridge-end, Leek.

Grant to lead.

23rd, July:

Tucker’s Place, 8 Clarendon Dr, Hurdsfield. 

Tux to lead.

30th, July:

Standing Stone, Mac Forrest.

Jimbo to lead.

6th, Aug:

Tegg’s Bottom cp, Langley:

Jimbo to lead.

13th, Aug:

Dane Bridge, Wincle.

Alex to lead.

20th, Aug:

Bollington Leisure Center:

Styperson Pool, Nab Head.

Tucker to lead.

27th, Aug:

Blue Boar Farm, Smith Lane, Higher Rainow:

Alex to lead.

3rd, Sep:

Broadcar rd, off Old Buxton rd.

Someone to lead?

10th, Sept:

Cockhall Lane, Langley:

Someone to lead?



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