Pensioner Potter

For the young at heart

Jimbo kindly provided this stony image he came across while out on a Potter. It reminds one of a castle rampart but, no doubt, our keen-eyed snapper will prove otherwise. Where could it possibly be located? A clue would be useful? Ok, I get your point. It’s somewhere not too far from Walker Barn with a reservoir just out of sight. You do get spoiled you know coz the great man has provided a second image, just in case you stumble on the first, though you’ll have to wait a couple of days to give the old grey cells a chance to solve it.

........ another clue for you?

Lockdown may have changed the character of many places, certainly but here in Higher Sutton life goes on as much as before. Maybe the incumbent to Millkingsteads farm is beginning to appear slightly rounder in the belly area and a little baggier in others.
However, anyone with a keen eye can still define the shape of an athlete therein without much difficulty as he surveys a recent land project consisting of a miniature nature reserve for great-crested newts.

It may have been some years since the track, cross country, and road races he partook in, but Honza surely can still talk the talk on his creditable achievements.

It's said he prizes his best marathon time as finest performance and would Challenge people to guess what it was ie, 3hs 20mins?

Tow has provided this colourful patch for people to guess where it’s located? Clue: AZ persons are perhaps best placed to know this location.

Here is a photo ‪from Sunday‬, Who can name the breed of sheep and who can identify where t was taken (within a stone’s throw of Kerridge Ridge?....... At least JK gives one a clue of the locality.Ed

Tucker kindly provided this rickety stile: where can it be located ?............. He must be joking!!

One presumes it’s somewhere near this vacant field ?.........this is even worse!!

Great ideas are finding their way into the in-tray of the potter webmeister for the 50 Potter Challenge. Unfortunately, so far, only three have made it on the page. However, the latest addition is the brainchild of Mr Tucker, and his offering is: Have a sweepstake on how long shall it take before we  can actually, officially run a Potter again? So simple?
So, put your thinking caps on and chose a date, ie, 13th June. If it's not the actual day, have no fear for you may still have a chance of winning a fantastic prize, even the closest date wins the stake. 


The sweepstake is now so prestigious that Alex has added his younger relations to the competition to get them in with a chance of winning the million pound prize. As future Potterrers, I suppose they will have a future claim to it!  Good to see future planning.

Peter 2. 1st May. Dave 2. 10 June. Sam 2. 1st July. Chris 2. 1st Aug.   Doe 2. 11th Aug.

Send your entry to Tucker.  Winner gets a million pounds.

Christine Tues 5th May

Tucker Thurs 7th May.

Dot 21st May

Trev Tues 26th

May Honza 31st May

Al 12th June

Toe 16th June

Brian 7th July

John 14th July

Margaret 25th July

Jim Tues 4th August

Jude 13th August.

Neil G 8th September